Wall to Wall Carpet

Quality wall to wall carpet installation services in Armonk & Westchester NY. Professional, experienced and affordable. 100% guarantee.

Wall-To-Wall Carpet For A Luxurious Look

Here at NY Green Rug Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive wall-to-wall carpet installation service across all of Armonk and Westchester, NY, which is extremely popular with our clients. Comfortable and soft, it is perfect for long, cold winter months on the East Coast. .And whilst some people take the view that carpet is rather high maintenance but we think that as long as you clean it (or, ideally, have it cleaned professionally) on a regular basis, you will be fine.

Wall to wall carpet is also known as ‘fitted carpet’ and is coming back into fashion, after a few years in the interior design wilderness. It’s an ideal choice for children and the elderly (who are prone to slipping), makes rooms feel cosy and its style can be varied. Wall-to-wall carpet also absorbs noise and keeps heat in, which means you’ll stay cozy in the long winter evenings. It makes a fine play surface (and seating area) for young children and toddlers - it cushions them and makes accidents less likely. It works for adults too!

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Expertise and a 100% Guarantee On All Work

We know that some people prefer to lay their own carpet, taking satisfaction in the job and also saving money. Of course, this is fine if you want to but always bear in mind that when you hire a professional company like ourselves, you are paying for skill and expert advice. Should a problem arise, we are here to take care of it, and if you don’t believe us then look no further than our guarantee. If something happens and you need it fixed, all you need to do is pick up the phone. If you’ve made the mistake yourself, however, you really are on your own.

We believe you will be happy with our services - the fact is that a well-laid wall-to-wall carpet can transform your space and completely alter its mood and style. As we have said before, we will work quickly and efficiently and make sure every last bit of mess is cleared up before we leave. So if you’re ready for a change, or indeed a complete revamp, you know where to come. Whether you’re moving into a new house and want an entire new look, or you just want to jazz up an old, tired den or bedroom, you are in safe hands!

To find out more about the extensive carpet and rug services we offer, pick up the phone now to speak to one of our friendly team and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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