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Rug Repair That Makes Your Piece Look Good as New

Whether your area rug is Native American, silk or leather, and no matter if it is handwoven or made of synthetic fibers, we know how much you love it. Whether it is a family heirloom, a costly investment or a gift from someone you love, it probably takes center stage in your home or office. Here at NY Green Rug Cleaning, we have over 25 years experience when it comes to the green rug repair and restoration, across all of Armonk and Westchester NY and we can repair your precious piece.

At the centre of our philosophy is the idea that every job - whether small or large - is important. Whether you’re a small family, a medium sized business or a large corporation, when you hand your rug over to us you can be certain that it will be treated well. With our green cleaning methods, professional staff and industrial machinery, we promise that your rug will be returned to you in optimum condition, smelling fresh and looking fantastic.

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Green Rug Cleaning That Goes Deep

We also offer a green rug cleaning service that really hits the spot. This includes
Inspection - so we can work out what specific care it needs.
Dusting - to shake loose dirt and grime lodged in the fibers.
Pre-Treatment - a gentle conditioning pre-treatment for spots and stains.
Cleaning - Either we clean your rug using a deep immersion technique or dry clean it. With immersion, the rug is dipped into a pool of shallow water and then washed carefully, rinsed and then patted dry with soft towels. With dry cleaning, it is carefully cleaned by hand only ecologically friendly products are used. Of course, all cleaning is carried out by hand.

We have complete faith in our cleaning solutions too, which are all organic and green. We believe that they do just as good a job - even better - that traditional products, going deep into the material, but not leaving behind any harsh chemicals. They really are better for the health of you, your family and your employees too, because they’re less likely to provoke an asthma attack or skin allergies. It also goes without saying that it’s just one more way of protecting the planet too - after all, we’ve only one planet and we all have to do our bit to take care of it.

To find out more about the extensive carpet and rug services we offer, pick up the phone now to speak to one of our friendly team and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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