Armonk, NY

Professional deep cleaning, repair and restoration of area rugs & carpets in Westchester. Green cleaning products, same day service, 100% guarantee.

Green Cleaning That Keeps You and Your Family Safe

Situated in Armonk, NY but working with residential and commercial clients across the entire Westchester county, here at NY Green Rug Cleaning we offer a wide variety of quality services relating to green rug and carpet cleaning, rug repair and restoration and wall-to-wall carpet installation. Whether you’re a large company or young family, we believe you are entitled to nothing less than excellent service,

We place the highest emphasis on the health of those around you, which is why we are 100% committed to green cleaning. We believe that a healthy house or office should always be of high priority which is why we only use green products in our work. All of our solutions are specially formulated and completely natural - they aren’t just as effective as traditional products, we think they’re superior. Even better, you get a thorough cleaning without exposing you and your family, or your rug or carpet, to any harmful chemicals.

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Rug Cleaning Services

17 Maple Ave, Armonk, NY 10504, United States